Be'er Avraham - Chachma U'Bina

Be'er Avraham - Chachma U'Bina
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Authors: Reb Avraham B'Reb Nachman MiTulchin/ Rabbi Y. N. Anshin   Description: "Chachma Ubina' is a phenomenal sefer written by Reb Avraham B'Reb Nachman, the author of Biur Halikutim, elaborating on the elevated madreigos that the Rebbe merited to reach in his short lifetime. As in in his sefer "Biur Halikutim", the average person cannot comprehend most, if any, of the concepts mentioned there.The Sefer "Be'er Avraham " is a commentary penned by Rabbi Yaakov Noson Anshin, a renowned mashpia famous for his many "Mishnas Breslov" sefarim, assisting us to view the depth of these subjects. It is the first time in history that anyone attempted ( and succeeded) to do so.     Publishing data: Jerusalem 2016  430pp.7x9" HB partially menukad.

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