Bechukosai Teilecihu - volume 10

Bechukosai Teilecihu - volume 10
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Description: An amazing feat accomplished by "Keren Odesser" ,this sefer is all encompassing. There are collected sichos on each Torah ( lesson) and classical commentaries printed side by side with it., It also focuses on the practical eitzos derived from the lesson (Kitzur Likutei Moharan,Likutei Eitzos,Eitzos Mevoaros, Likutei Halachos, Kitzur Likutei Halachos) , the tefilos (Likutei Tefilos) and Chidushim (Yekara D'shabata,Zimras Haaretz,Yerach Haeisanim,Oneg Shabbos, Parparaos Lechochma etc,) It  includes detailed footnotes and references , citing the actual wording of the reference to the reader, sparing him the time and trouble to  locate it.  Volume 10, Lessons 32 - 36   Publishing data: Keren Odesser  Jerusalem 2016   790 pp. 7"x9" HB mostly menukad

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