Bechukosai Teilecihu-volume 2

Bechukosai Teilecihu-volume 2
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Description:An amazing feat accomplished by "Keren Odesser" ,this sefer is all encompassing.There are collected sichos on each Torah( Lesson) and classical commentaries printed side by side with it. It also focuses on the practical Eitzos derived from the lesson (Kitzur Likutei Moharan,Likutei Eitzos,Eitzos mevoaros, Likutei Halachos, Kitzur Likutei Halachos) the tefilos(Likutei Tefilos) and Chidushim(Yekara D'shabata,Zimras Haaretz,Yerach Haeisanim,Oneg Shabbos, Parparaos Lechochma etc,) It also includes detailed footnotes and references citing the,actual wording  of the reference to the reader,sparing him the time and trouble to  locate it.  Volume 2 -Lessons 5-6   Publishing data: Keren Odesser  Jerusalem 2010 745pp. 7"x9" HB mostly menukad


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