Biur Halikutim Hamevoar

Biur Halikutim Hamevoar
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Author: Rabbi Yaakov Nosson Anshin   Description: For the first time in history we merited to see an elucidation of the famous sefer "Biur Halikutim". As known, this phenomenal work was penned by Reb Avraham B'Reb Nachman, and is a  fundamental commentary for those that wish to delve into the lessons of Likutei Moharan. It contains the famous "Chai Klalim" - the eighteen rules necessary in order to understand the material involved. Because of the difficult language and terminology of the "Biur Halikutim", many people are deterred from studying it, and deprived of its rich contents. Included in this uncomparable sefer is; 1) A biography of Reb Avraham B'Reb Nachman  2) A lengthy explanation on the "pesicha" -  introduction to the sefer, which is itself a sefer  3) the "Hakdama" - preface - including the 18 klalim   4) The second Hakdama  5) Emuna Beyediah Ruchniyus - a deep sefer unknown to many Breslover Chasidim - penned by Reb Avraham - which until now was considered a "Medrash Pliah" - quite a feat to comprehend 6) Sichos associated with the lessons in Likutei Moharan - a treasure chest of stories related with the Rebbe's Toros.   Publishing data: Jerusalem 2018 439 pp 7x9" HB Biur Halikutim with nekudos, elucidation without nekudos

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