Chok Breslov- paperback medium size

Chok Breslov- paperback medium size
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 Contains excerpts of all classical Breslover sefarim.    Description:A "daily dose" of Breslover teachings to take you through the year. Designed to complete all basic sefarim each year. Ideal as an inspiring seder halimud before or after davenning, this new revised edition comes in 48 compact volumes (paperback), together with Kitzur Shulchan Aruch for those that wish to include it in their seder.This new smaller edition  is lightweight , very practical for traveling and can fit into a large pocket. Contains the following sefarim: 1) Likutei Moharan  2) Sichos Haran  3) Chayei Moharan  4) Sefer Hamidos  5) Sipurei Maasiyos  6) Likutei Eitzos  7) Hishtapchus/ Meshivas Nefesh  8) Alim Litrufa  9) Likutei Tefilos  10) Sheimos Hatzadikim  11) Kitzur Shulchan Aruch       Publishing data: Jerusalem 2012   4258 pp. SB  6.5"x5"  with nekudos

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