Hebrew Breslov Hagada

Hebrew Breslov Hagada
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A Hebrew version of Breslov Research Institute's "THE BRESLOV HAGGADAH"- Compiled and translated by Rabbi Yehoshua Starret and Chaim Kramer -Edited by Moshe Mykoff -The classic Pesach Haggadah accompanied by Rebbe Nachman''s unique and most enjoyable insights and other commentary material drawn from Breslov and general sources. Includes the Story of the Exodus, Pesach Anecdotes and Rabbi Nachman's teachings about Sefirat HaOmer, Chol HaMoed, Shavuot, etc. Size: 6.5 x 9.5."  218 pages Hagaddah with nekudos,commentary without nekudos. Appendices. Hardback. ISBN 0-930213-35-1"

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