Likutei Moharan Kesav Ashuris with Toras Nosson / additions

Likutei Moharan Kesav Ashuris with Toras Nosson / additions
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 Author: Rebbe Nachman of Breslov / Reb Noson Description: The collected discourses of Rebbe Nachman, edited by his leading disciple, Reb Noson. Part I consists of the lessons first published during the Rebbe's lifetime (although in somewhat different form), and Part II consists of the lessons first published separately during the year after the Rebbe's passing. Likkutei Moharan is the core text of Breslover Chassidus, and serves as the basis of Reb Noson's eight-volume masterwork, Likkuei Halakhos (see above). Beautifully printed in Ksav Ashuris, the letters with which Sifrei Torah etc. are written. Includes indexes and additional material. Also including several additions:   1) Toras Noson, an indispensable commentary gleaned from Reb Noson's Likkutei Halakhos,unavailable elsewhere, compiled by the late Rabbi Noson Zvi Kenig of Bnei Brak.  Focuses only on the pshat and eliminates the drush.     2) Sefas HaNachal, an index of citations from the Gemara, Midrash, Zohar, etc., on the Rebbe's works, compiled by Rabbi Shimon Weisenfeld; 3)  An appendix of variant texts from manuscripts on numerous lessons; comprehensive subject index, etc.   Publishing Data: Meshekh HaNachal, Jerusalem. 9" x 12", 1088 pp. HB, with nekudos

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