Likutei Tikunim - paperback

Likutei Tikunim - paperback
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  Description: A compilation of extremely useful tefilos(prayers) recited on a regular basis such as: Krias Shema al Hamita,Tikun Chatzos,Birchas Hamazon,Tikun Haklali,Yom Kipur Katan (Erev Rosh Chodesh).Also includes:Seder Hayom from Reb Yitzchak Breiter,Tefilos al Habanim,Tefilos al Metzias Hazivug,Igeres Haramban,Igeres Hagra,Tsetil Katan from Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk, Lachash al Ayin Hara,Tefila al Pidyon Nefesh.Lightweight and compact,it is ideal for traveling.  Publishing data Jerusalem 2013     288pp. SB  6.5x4.5"  with nekudos. 

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