Ner Tamid in Glass Case

Ner Tamid in Glass Case
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"Haesh sheli tukad ad bias hamashiach"-My fire will constantly burn until Mashiach arrives-which means that  although the Rebbe is not with us physically,his teachings will remain to inspire us until Mashiach.From the time of the Rebbe's departure from this world it has been a custom to  ignite a" Ner  Tamid"- a perpetual light in rememberance of the Rebbe's neshama.The custom originally began in Uman ,but was later practiced in all Breslov communities as well.We also find in Sefer Hamidos that "In the merit of kindling a" ner tamid" with olive oil, Jews can be saved from harsh decrees especially "shmad"-forced conversion to other religions.  For this purpose, a glass case has been devised,framed by an aluminum stand ,crowned with the emblem"Haesh Sheli",with a choice of two different designs painted onto changeable glasses.This particular one says"Ner tamid Lekavod hatzadik Rabeinu Nachman Ben Feiga z.y.a. It also has a colored logo of'" Haesh sheli "painted on the lower part of the glass close to the base.The second one says:Ner Tamid Lekavod kol hatzadikim hakedoshim.The stand is bronze-colored.Ideal for a shul or Beis Hamedrash. Complete with a receptacle for oil and a supply of wicks.

Product Code NER7G17S10
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