Set of Seven full size paperbacks

Set of Seven full size  paperbacks
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Description: Contains the following seven conveniently boxed sefarim: 1) Eitzos Yesharos from the Rav of Tcherin, author of Parparaos Lechachma, written in the style of "Likutei Eitzos", but containing different material.  2) Emunas Itecha from Rabbi Alter Beziliansky, author of "Hishtapkhus Hanefesh"  A collection of Breslover teachings on how to use one's time to the fullest, particularly by "living in the moment". 3) Sichas Hanefesh, a collection of writings on the topic of hisbodedus   4) Nekudas Hasimcha, A new compilation based on the theme of having a positive outlook on humanity,and judging others ( as well as ourselves ) for the good as mentioned in Likutei Moharan Vol 1 lesson 282, commonly known as "Azamra" and  5) Simchas Hanefesh - An Anthology of teachings on cultivating a joyous frame of mind and approach in avodas Hashem.gleaned from Likutei Eitzos - Os Simcha. 6) Yemei Hatlaos - The history of the opposition to Breslov   7) Shemos Hatzadikim - A collection of names of tzaddikim, beginning with Adam HaRishon, originally compiled by Reb Noson at the Rebbe's instruction, with later additions. Reciting these names is a segulah for growing in kedushah, as well as for hamtakas ha-dinim in times of trouble, lo aleinu. Publishing data: Nekuda Tova 2013  SB 6.5x9.5" all menukad excluding Nekudas Hasimcha. Printed in large and exquisite lettering,it also contains the "Sippur Hiskarvus" of Reb Yisroel Ber Odesser o.h. plus Tikun Haklali

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