Set of Thirteen Medium sized Sefarim - Keren Odesser

Set of Thirteen Medium sized Sefarim - Keren Odesser
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Authors; Rebbe Nachman, Rebbe Nosson, and disciples   Description : Set of 13  medium sized basic sefarim (with large font). Contains:1) Likutei Moharan, 2) Sefer Hamidos, 3) Sipurei Maasiyos (with Yiddish), 4) Chayei Moharan, 5) Shvachei V'Sichos Haran, 6) Kitzur Likutei Moharan 7) Likutei Eitzos 8) Hishtapkhus - Meshivas Nefesh 9) Alim Litrufa 10) Yemei Moharnat 11) Likutei Tefilos 12) Kochvei Ohr 13) Tehilim with Likutei Halakhos. Published by; Keren Odesser 2013 - 2016   5"x7" HB with nekudos. Please note that although all sefarim  have  identical covers, their shades sometimes vary somewhat.

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