Shemos Hatzadikim-paperback

Shemos Hatzadikim-paperback
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Author: Reb Noson Description: A collection of names of tzaddikim, beginning with Adam HaRishon, originally compiled by Reb Noson at the Rebbe's instruction, with later additions. Reciting these names is a segulah for growing in kedushah, as well as for hamtakas ha-dinim in times of trouble, lo aleinu. This particular edition is printed in huge,beautiful lettering. Crowned with the "Sippur Hiskarvus" of Reb Yisroel Ber Odesser o.b.m. plus Tikin Haklali.  Publication Data: Nekuda Tovah Bnei Brak 2011. 6" x 9"  195 pp. SB , with nekudos

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