Tehilim with Shemos Hatzadikim plus additions

Tehilim with Shemos Hatzadikim plus additions
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Author: David Hamelech    Description: A beautiful Tehilim, with bold font and taamim ( trup ) ,each chapter with a heading, describing what it is designated for.Also contains 1) Shemos Hatzadikim  2)Krias Shema Al Hamita 3)Tikun Chatzos 4)Yom Kippur Katan 5)Tikun Haklali  6) Tefila to merit a visit in Uman 7)Tefila recited on Lag B'Omer 8) Tefila for Elul  9)Seder Hayom from Reb Yitzchak Breiter   Publishing data: Meshech Hanachal  400 pp. 6x8.5" HB mostly with nekudos.

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