Zeh Yenachameinu - The Tzion in Uman

Zeh Yenachameinu - The Tzion in Uman
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Author: Rabbi Nachman Yosef Vitriol    Description : If you think that you are prepared for a trip to Uman this coming Rosh Hashana, you have made a grave mistake! Until you read this sefer, you will not comprehend what the tzion and the Tikun Haklali are really all about. Although much has already been written  about this lofty subject, our Chachamim tell us that there are no two Neviim whose prophecies are identical, and much more yet remains  to be clarified. The author, as with his previous works (Noam Sichos, Tiferes Hamidos), leaves little to our imagination. This sefer merited to be published exactly in the right time to enhance our Yom Tov, especially those that make their annual pilgrimage to Uman!   Publishing data : Eretz Yisrael 2016.  750  pp. 6x9" HB without nekudos

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