Biur Halikutim - new revised 2 volume edition

Biur Halikutim - new revised 2 volume edition
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Author: Rabbi Avraham b'Reb Nachman (Chazan)   Description: A new two volume  revised edition, menukad and punctuated, complete with references and footnotes. It also contains the tefilos authored by the mechaber, plus "miluim" -  additions  from other writings that shed light on the contents. Bound in  beautiful imitation leather, packed in an attractive Keren Odesser box.  A most amazing in-depth commentary and chiddushim on Likkutei Moharan by one of the foremost "ovdim" and profound mystical thinkers of the third generation of the Breslov movement who truly fathomed and expounded many lessons of Likutei Moharan. This moumental work gves us a glimpse of the depth of each lesson. Because of it's difficult terminology and wording, it is  recommended for more advanced students. Includes biography of the author. Publishing Data: Toras HaNetzach, Jerusalem. 6" x 9", 460 pp. HB, without nekudos

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