Chumash Yechidei Hadoros - Breishis

Chumash Yechidei Hadoros - Breishis
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Description- A new project featuring the Pesukim,Unkelos, Rashi in block lettering(opposed to Rashi script), Ikar Sifsei Chachamim and commentaries quoted from "yechidei hadoros"-the greatest tzadikim from  many different generations.Includes peirushim from  the following tzadikim:  1) Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai  (Zohar) 2) The Arizal  3)The  Baal Shem Tov   4)Rebbe Nachman of Breslov .It is arranged in the order of the parsha,and corresponds to the pesukim.Presently,only Bereishis is available,but hopefully  the other four Chumashim will be added b'ez"H.  Publishing data: Mechon Moharnat 2012    690 pp.HC 7x9"  Everything besides Rashi is with nekudos.

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