Ki Naar Yisrael V'Aheivo - 3 medium size volumes - Sukkos

Ki Naar Yisrael V'Aheivo - 3 medium size volumes - Sukkos
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Author : Reb Nosson, compiled by Keren Odesser  Description: Medium sized 3 volume set.: All tefilos and minhagim pertaining to Sukkos, including the tefilah recited when entering and leaving the sukka, Ushpizin, Kidush,Mishnayos  Maseches Sukka ,Zohar, Seder Netilas Lulav, Hallel, Hoshanos, Koheles,etc. all with the corresponding  commentary gleaned from Likutei Halakhos. Also contains a special section, titled "Inyanei Sukkos" which discusses Hilulas Rabeinu, Simchas Beis Hashoeva,Leil Hoshana Rabba. and all letters related to this Yom Tov from Alim Litrufa. The second volume, titled "Toros" are all lessons in Likutei Moharan based on Sukkos, arranged together  with their commentaries  The third volume titled "Halakhos"  is the many lessons in Likutei Halakhos.  Publishing data: Jerusalem 5778  1267pp. 5x7" HB with nekudos

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