Large Tikun Haklali - Seder Hishtatkhus -Perek Shirah

Large Tikun Haklali - Seder Hishtatkhus -Perek Shirah
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 Description: An extremely attractive Tikun Haklali  complete with Reb Noson's tefilos,with emphasis placed on dikduk. Features "Seder Hishtatchus"- a guide for one who merits to travel to Uman and recite the Tikun there, giving explicit preparatory advice, such as mikva,charity etc .Includes the"Seder Hayom" the daily schedule of a Breslover Chasid penned by Reb Yitzchak Breiter,plus some of his other writings. Also contains a tefila for Lag Baomer,Perek Shirah,with a peirush titled "Kavanos Halev". Another worthy addition is the haskamos(approbations) of many Gedolei Yisroel on the Tikun Haklali. Hard bound,printed on glossy paper with artistic borders, it truly makes reciting the Tikun Haklali a pleasure!   Publishing data: Bnei Brak 2012  88 pp. HB  7"x9" with nekudos.

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