Likkutei Halakhos Hamevoar-volume 1

Likkutei Halakhos Hamevoar-volume 1
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Authors: Rabbis A.Y. Carmel and Yehoshua Gross   Description: A new groundbreaking project undertaken by the same famous authors of "Likutei Moharan Hamevoar"- which made an everlasting impression on all of us. It will be published iy"H in a series of volumes, starting with volume 1 -which begins with Hilchos Hashkamas Haboker and ends with Hilchos Tefilin.The layout is similar to "Artscroll;" which has the text on one side-and the commentary on the opposite side.   Publishing data: Jerusalem 2014  600pp. 7"x9" HB with nekudos

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