Likutei Even /Tefilos Haboker / Emunas Itecha / Eitzos Yesharos

Likutei Even /Tefilos Haboker / Emunas Itecha / Eitzos Yesharos
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 Author: Rabbi Ephraim ben Naftali ( talmid Rabeinu  z"l) / Reb Alter Tepliker / Reb Mordechai M. Kitzkovski    Description: Likutei Even is one of the few sefarim of the first generation of Breslov. Chiddushim on Likkutei Moharan similar to Reb Nosson's Likutei Halakhos, with valuable footnotes and references printed for the first time,  and prayers in the style of Likkutei Tefillos composed  by Reb Naftoli's son, Reb Ephraim, who was a close talmid of Reb Noson. Emunas Itecha , on the topic of Shmiras Hazman, was authored by Reb Alter Tepliker,who also penned "Hishtapkhus Hanefesh. .Eitzos Yesharos , gleaned from Likutei Halakhos,was compiled by Reb Mordechai Menachem Kitzkovski, a Polish Breslover Chasid, with haskamos from Gedolim of his generation. Also contains Tikun Haklali.  Publishing Data: 7" x 9", 192 pp. HB, with nekudos

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