Likutei Halakhos Hamevoar - Oz V'Hadar - set of three

Likutei Halakhos Hamevoar - Oz V'Hadar - set of three
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Author: Reb Nosson      Description:The renowned publishers "Oz Vhadar", who started a revolution with their many editions of Chumash with mefarshim, Shas, Mishneh Berurah, etc. have now produced an elucidated edition of Likutei Halakhos. The original text appears above, and the interwoven commentary beneath it. The theme of the lesson in Likutei Moharan that the halakha is based on, is condensed, to help the reader  comprehend the topic. Every passuk, maamar Chazal ,is brought down in it's entirety. New concepts that are somewhat vague are deciphered, and all references are cited at the bottom of each page.Also contains indispensable indexes, and the practical advise derived from each halakha.. This set of three begins with dinei hashkamas haboker and concludes with birchas hashachar.. Each volume contains approx. 535 pp.   10x7"    HB  mostly menukad.

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