Likutei Halakhos - Iyunim and Biurim

Likutei Halakhos - Iyunim and Biurim
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Author :Reb Nosson  References and footnotes-Rabbis A.Y. Carmel and Y. Gross  Description: It is indeed an historical event to witness the publishing of this edition of Likutei Halakhos which has been edited and corrected of all previous mistakes,explains intricate topics, cites the sources of involved subjects and last but not least adds new marei mekomos(references) both in the text of the sefer and in footnotes.Although it is only the first volume,we anticipate the printing of the other volumes within the near future iy"H.    Publishing data: Even Shesiyah Israel 2013   507 pp.  7x9"  HB with nekudos.

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