Likutei Halakhos - new 3 volume economical edition

Likutei Halakhos - new 3 volume economical edition
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Author: Reb Noson / Tcheriner Rov     Description: Excerpts and abridgements of Likkutei Halakhos originally compiled by the Tcheriner Rav for the third section of Otzar HaYirah / Likkutei Eitzos HaMeshulosh, here rearranged according to the order of the Shulchan Arukh; hence it is a "Kitzur Likutei Halakhos." Extremely useful for review purposes and as a study unto itself. Three folio-volumes, nicely printed and bound. Publishing Data: Imrei Shefer: Jerusalem. 794 pp. total, HB, 9"x7" with nekudos

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