Likutei Halakhos - 9 economical volumes - menukad, marei mekomos

Likutei Halakhos - 9 economical volumes - menukad, marei mekomos
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Author: Reb Noson, the leading disciple of Rebbe Nachman     Description: Second in importance only to Rebbe Nachman's original writings, Likkutei Halakhos is Reb Noson's masterwork. Using key ideas from the lessons in Likkutei Moharan as his guide, Reb Noson explores the mystical underpinnings of the laws in Shulchan Arukh. His creative genius is evident on every page as he weaves a tapestry of Chassidic wisdom that combines meditations on kabbalistic mysteries with down-to-earth advice on dealing with the challenges of everyday life.Publishing Data: This nine volume edition features nekudos, plus one volume of indispenable indexes,the only ones of their kind, compiled by Rabbi Nosson Zvi Kenig, known as "Nofes Tzufim"and "Shenas Ratzon". Contains many ,but not all marei mekomos. .   Publishing Data: Meshekh HaNachal, Jerusalem. 6" x 9", nine volumes, HB, with nekudos

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