Likutei Moharan Hamevoar V'Hameforash - 3 thick volumes

Likutei Moharan  Hamevoar V'Hameforash - 3 thick volumes
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Author : Rabbi Yehoshua Gross   Description: If we rejoiced with the author's first work "Likutei Moharan Hamevoar" which helped so many people gain access to the Rebbe's masterwork, how much more so should we rejoice with the latest historical achievement titled "Likutei Moharan Hamevoar V'Hameforash". Divided into two sections: 1) Biurim - a basic commentary, introducing and condensing the many new and sometimes unfamiliar concepts, and  2) Iyunim - a deeper, and more involved commentary delving into the details,and elaborating on the lesson according to the guidelines of the famous sefer "Biur Halikutim".Crowned with haskamos from Gedolei Anash.,each page is divided between the two commentaries, providing pleasurable reading. Previously known as "Mesivta", a seven volme set ( sold for 140.00)  it has since  been revised  with many additions, and condensed to three thick volumes, Bound with a stunning binding, it is a true masterpiece!    Publishing data:  Eretz Yisrael 2016 HB   9x6"  likutei Moharan, Biurim, with nekudos Iyunim ithout nekudos -  totals 2700 pp.

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