Likutei Moharan im Kisvei Harav Mitcherin - 3 volumes

Likutei Moharan im Kisvei Harav Mitcherin - 3 volumes
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Author: Harav Nachman Goldstein, Rav of Tcherin    Description: A new concept!  All commentaries penned by the renowned Tcheriner rav, ( Parparaos L'Chachma, Zimras Haaretz, Yekara D'Shabata, Yerach Haesanim )  arranged side by side with Likutei Moharan, giving the reader all the many aspects of the depth of the Rebbe's the unique style of the author.Also contains  "Tefiilos V'Tachanunim" written in the fashion of Likutei Tefilos, plus the tzavaah (last will and testament), which is a limud in itself. A valuable addition to a Breslover Library..   Publishing data: Jerusalem 5782 Almost 2000 pp.9x7" HB Lm with nekudos, commentary w/o nekudos

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