Mem Tes Shearim - Sefiras Haomer - 2 volumes

Mem Tes Shearim - Sefiras Haomer - 2 volumes
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Author: Rebbe Nachman / Reb Noson/  Later Talmidim     Description: The forty nine days of Sefiras Haomer correspond to the forty nine "Gates of Understanding" which are commonly known as by their Hebrew letter equivalent "Mem Tes Shearim".This very practical two volume set includes   "Seder Sefiras Haomer",along with the tefilos customarily recited, all the lessons in Likutei Moharan and Likutei Halakhos related to the time of sefirah and the mitzva of sefiras haomer,Also includes material of later sefarim. Tikun Haklali. Packed in attractive box.    Publishing data: Jerusalem 5777  970 pp. 5x7 HB with nekudos

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