Niflaos Harebbe - The "Chozeh" of Lublin

Niflaos Harebbe -  The
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Author: Rabbi Moshe Menachem Walder   Description: A sefer written in Poland  before the second world war,and reprinted many times thereafter .It contains authentic stories about the "Chozeh"of Lublin and his contemporaries as confirmed in the haskomos given by the Tzaddikei and Gedolei Hador,amongst them the Beis Din(at that time) of Yerushalayim.As our tradition tells us,he was called the "Chozeh" because of his superhuman power to  view distances hundreds of miles away. The yahrzeit of the Chozeh ,as well known ,comes out on Tisha Ba'av. He prophesyed during his lifetime that his" misnagdim" (adversaries) will not be able to rejoice upon his decease.  Publishing data :Jerusalem  Keren Hadfasa 288pp. 7x10   HB without nekudos, not in mint condition.

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