Otzar Hayirah - new 5 volume edition with marei mekomos

Otzar Hayirah - new 5 volume edition with marei mekomos
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Otzar HaYirah (also known as "Likkutei Eitzos HaMeshulosh") Author: Rabbi Nachman Goldstein, Rav of Tcherin (editor) Description: A brand new edition, freshly typeset with hundreds of references and footnotes,corrections and punctuation. With this major work in the Breslov canon, the Tcheriner Rov expands on Reb Noson's Likkutei Eitzos (see above) by adding a second collection of excerpts from the Rebbe's works on the same topics; and then he presents a third part, which is wide-ranging collections of excerpts and abridgements from Reb Noson's Likkutei Halakhos. This new five-volume edition is a set that any student of Breslover Chassidus should own.One entire volume titled "Teshuvas Hashana" is dedicated to Moadim-all our Yomim Tovim.  Publishing Data: Keren Rabbi Yisrael Odesser, Jerusalem. 7" x 9 3/4" 2,173 pp. HB, with nekudos.

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