Parparaos L'Chachma al Shas Umedrash

Parparaos L'Chachma al Shas Umedrash
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Author: Parparaos -Harav Nachman Goldstein Rav of Tcherin   Tovos Zichronos - Harav Avraham Sternhartz, a grandson of the Tcheriner Rav     Description:  (Parparaos) Most of us are familiar with the famous commentary on Likutei Moharan, titled "Parparaos Lechachma", which greatly assists us in understanding the lessons. Very few of us, however, are aware that the same author penned a second part of his sefer , applying the lessons to Shas and Medrash . shedding light on many difficult statements that require clarification. For unknown reasons, possibly for lack of space , this major work has been omitted for many years..It has now been reprinted and enhanced  with excellent references and footnotes, plus nikud.     Publishing data: Israel 5780  480 pp. 6x9 HB with nekudos'      The second one,Tovos Zichronos, gathers together oral histories and traditions related to the first ten lessons in Likkutei Moharan, written by Rabbi Avraham Sternhartz, a great-grandson of Reb Noson and grandson of the Tcheriner Rov.     Publishing Data  Jerusalem.   6x9  156 pp. HB, without nekudos.

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