Complete Sefer Hamidos - Lev Hanachal

Complete Sefer Hamidos - Lev Hanachal
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Author: Rebbe Nachman of Breslov    Description: A brand new, all encompassing Sefer Hamidos, containing the following : 1) An introduction describing the importance of the sefer and its influence on many Gedolei Yisrael .  2) All previous marei mekomos, from Reb Tzadok MiLublin, Reb Noson, and the Tcheriner Rav.  3) Seder Ha'Amiros- all segulos mentioned in the sefer are arranged in the correct order in which they should be recited. 4) Indexes from "Pituchei Chosam" which have recently been edited and updated. 5)" Likutim BeInyan" - where  other Breslover Sefarim  quote Sefer Hamidos. 6) New marei mekomos written currently. 7) Excerpts from "Tiferes Hamidos" from Rabbi N.Y. Vitriol. As in all their works, Lev Hanachal printed this sefer in large and legible font, adorned with a glamorous, imitation leather binding.    Publishing data  : Lev Hanachal Eretz Yisraelm  2014   800pp.  HB 7x10" sefer with nekudos, marei mekomos without nekudos.

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