Set of eighteen pocket size paperbacks

Set of eighteen pocket size paperbacks
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Description: Includes the following sefarim:  Likutei Moharan (3 volumes)- Likutei Tefilos (3 volumes)- Chayei Moharan (2 volumes) - Sipurei Maasiyos - Sichos Haran - Hishtapkhus Hanefesh - Meshivas Nefesh - Likutei Eitzos - Sefer Hamidos - Eitzos Mevoaros - Shemos Hatzadikim -  Ohr Behiros Haderech - Avi Hanachal. Each sefer is divided according to the days of the year, for those that wish to complete them annually.  Packed in an attractive box, ideal for a gift.   Publishing data : Nekuda Tova Jerusalem 2015  3.5"x 4.5" SB  with nekudos 

Product Code SET4A2QU78
Condition New
Weight 15.000lb

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