Shaarei Efraim - 2 volumes Chumash - Moadim - Likutei Moharan

Shaarei Efraim -  2 volumes Chumash - Moadim - Likutei Moharan
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Author: Rabbi Ephraim of Pshedbarz   Description:Previously known as "Oneg Shabbos" , this sefer has been reprinted and rearranged ,to make it more accessable. Chiddushim on the weekly sedra and the moadim contained in the letters of an outstanding gaon  and tzaddik  from Poland, who survived the Holocaust and resettled in Eretz Yisrael, where despite his extreme humility he was a prominent figure revered by the Yerushalayim Breslov community. Edited and published by his late devoted talmid, Rabbi Yaakov Dov. This new edition has been freshly typeset, and volume one is arranged according to the parsha, shas, and moadim. Volume two is arranged according to Likutei Moharan and Inyonei Avodas Hashem.   Publication Data: Meshekh HaNachal, Jerusalem.2015 9" x 6", HB, 1125 pp. , without nekudos

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