Shvachei / Sichos Haran - Lev Hanachal

Shvachei / Sichos Haran -  Lev Hanachal
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Author: Reb Noson Description: Two important books in one volume, which present biographical material about Rebbe Nachman, as well as some of his shorter teachings on many topics, including hisbodedus, prayer, faith, simplicity, and the mystical meaning of various Jewish practices.This new upgraded  edition features: 1)Footnotes and references from Rabbi Arye Kaplan  2) Likutei Eitzos gleaned from the sefer  3) indexes arranged according to topics,names of people,lessons in Likutei Moharan, Taanach, Shas Bavli, Medrash, Zohar etc. Also contains Tikun Haklali. As in all their works, Lev Hanachal printed this sefer in large and legible font, adorned with a glamorous, imitation leather binding.  Publishing Data: Lev Hanachal Jerusalem, 6" x 9", HB 424 pp., with nekudos

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