Sipurei Maasiyos - Chachma Utevuna

Sipurei Maasiyos - Chachma Utevuna
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Author: Rebbe Nachman of Breslov Description: The Rebbe's thirteen mystical "tales from primordial times," beginning with the Tale of the Lost Princess and culminating in The Tale of the Seven Beggars, told during the last years of the Rebbe's life. Hebrew only with commentary from Reb Noson's Likkutei Halakhos and Tcheriner Rov's Rimzei HaMaasiyos.This edition contains "Chochma U'tevunah" a sefer which has been out of print for many years.It also contains "Magid Sichos" ,Hasipurim V'Hamaasiyos-stories related by the Rebbe but not included in "Sippurei Maasiyos and  "Chidushim U'Biurim on the first and fourth story written by Rabbi Nosson Zvi Kenig z.l Publishing Data: Lev Hanachal  Jerusalem.2011  6" x 9" app.500 pp. HB,partly with nekudos

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