Tziyun Hametzuyenes - revised edition

Tziyun Hametzuyenes - revised edition
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Authors: Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz /Rabbi Eliyahu Nahari   Description: A classic Breslov anthology of teachings on hishtatchus al kivrei tzaddikim (visiting the graves of the tzaddikim), particularly the tziyun of the Rebbe zatzal in Uman. Originally compiled by Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz,this sefer was extremely enhanced by Reb Eliyahu Nahari, who restored it to it's previous glory by reprinting the"Kunteres Hishtatkhus" from the Tcheriner Rav. This kunteres,omitted until now,  discusses the issue of "Tumas Kohanim " by the tziyun,plus other halachic issues .He furthermore added excerpts from the later-penned sefarim and produced a most desirable and praiseworthy work .Includes Tikkun HaKlalli (printed in huge lettering) and related prayers and teachings.   Publishing Data: Meor Hanachal  Jerusalem 2015. 9" x 6", 377 pp. HB, with nekudos.

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