Yiraucha im Shemesh - History of shitas Harashash

Yiraucha im Shemesh - History of shitas Harashash
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Author: An anonymous talmid of Rabbi Yitzchak Meier Morgenstern ,the author of Yam Hachochma.    Description: Introductions to and clarifications of the famous teachings of the Rashash- Harav Hakadosh Reb Shalom Sharabi  who deciphered and interpreted the works of the holy Arizal- HaravHakadosh Yitzchak Luria- the Rebbe of all Mekubalim. Contains haskamos from many Gedolei Hador. Publishing data: Jerusalem 2012  918 pp. 9x7  HB without nekudos,block lettering. 

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