Yisrael Bechiri Rav AZ Kluger 2 volumes

Yisrael Bechiri   Rav AZ Kluger 2 volumes
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 Author: Rabbi A.Z. Kluger    Description: The latest two volume sefer published by  this contemporary mashpia shlit"a on the fundamental subject of "Bechira" - free will. One of the amazing aspects of man's creation, is that Hashem grants us the ability to choose our own path in life, whether good or bad. Some of the topics discussed: 1) Do all people -  Jews and non-Jews actually have free choice?  2) Isn't Hashem the one that ultimately decides everything?   3) Is bechira  constant - or are we sometimes compelled to do things? Also contains "Ohr Shir Hashirim" citing how Shir Hashirim is based on , and relates to the above topic.  Publishing data: Eretz Yisrael 2015  800 pp. 6"x8" HB without nekudos.

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